Form2Email Script Features  
No adverts or links in the script YES
Instant download YES
Send data from almost any web form YES
Hide your email address from SPAM bots YES
Security to stop SPAM being sent using script YES
Redirect users to any web page after sending data YES
Send the data by email using sendmail YES
Send the data by email using SMTP YES
Check form for required fields with text, numbers or email YES
Write the date, users IP address & Browser details YES
Use image as 'GO' button rather than HTML YES
Support for unlimited email addresses  YES
Support for unlimited redirect locations YES
Support for unlimited subjects YES
Option to change the from email address to users YES
Upload files to your web server and link in emails YES
Send an auto responder to the visitor YES
Keep a log of the emails  YES
Administrator mode for reading the log  YES
Password protection for the admin mode  YES

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