EZMailer Script




Use in any web site you personally create x x
Create and store your mailing lists online x x
Remove mailing lists x x
Rename mailing lists x x
Cookie-based security with login and password x x
Allow visitors to your site to subscribe to a list from your site x x
Define your own 'Thank You' pages for (un)subscribing visitors x x
Send text mails to the subscribers of your lists x x
Subscribers will be able to unsubscribe from any mail they receive from EZMailer x x
Define 'Thank You' pages per list   x
Search function : search for an address or string in all your lists   x
Batch subscribe : add as many mail addresses as you want in one go   x
Batch unsubscribe   x
Send HTML mails (optional)   x
Auto detection of HTML in mail   x

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