Gallery Script

Feature / Version



Use in any web site you create YES YES
View thumbnails



Admin console with password protection YES YES
XTended templates - you determine the looks YES YES
Upload images via web interface YES YES
Edit entries via web interface YES YES
Delete entries via web interface YES YES
Use your own template, styles, ... YES YES
Auto thumbnail creation YES YES
Dynamic gallery management YES YES
GD module support available YES YES
Auto detection of GD support YES YES
Multiple gallery support YES YES
Template per mode (view, slide, admin...) YES YES
Target option for viewing and slides (new window, same frame, ...) YES YES
1 generic database field (store whatever you like) YES  
Set thumbnail size as a script option   YES
3 generic database fields (store whatever you like)   YES
Slide show   YES
Rename a gallery   YES
Delete a full gallery   YES
Sort the database   YES
User can sort the images (non-permanently)   YES
Regenerate thumbnails in any size you want.   YES
Move you gallery from a non-GD server to a GD server without uploading your images again   YES
Specify an offset against the server time zone   YES
"Touch" the timestamp of entries   YES
Default action when no options are given   YES
Admin page will highlight changed/new entries   YES

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